It is important and often profitable to be aware of any themes and sympathy plays that are occurring; this week, the COVID plays were back in action and also the electric car shell companies.

Here is an old video explaining the importance of taking advantage of theme/sympathy plays;


It all started with $VXRT, which is also stuck in a perfect storm of news, theme, and Russell rebalancing. The type of situation that makes you look like an idiot instantly. The buy was spot on, for my timeframe entries are matter, they matter a lot. The entry was spot on, and the stock did exactly what you want it to do when you enter it; move up. The high sale print was +31% overnight & the rest is history.

$CODX also had a nice move, although it did not gain as much traction as $VXRT I’m sure nothing did this week. $CODX triggered once it went through the buy point and did exactly what you want a swing to do, move up immediately. High print +10%


$LAKE another COVID play that was an A set up, it went up big on earnings news a couple of weeks back, it consolidated and set-up properly, and it did what you what a swing to do; move up immediately. HIgh print +17.5%.

Then there was $MRNA; you just knew there was something wrong with that one, if you have been trading for a long time, you can just feel it in your bones. I did not give it a lot of leash and lost -$1.40. But it was part of the theme.

Another COVID play was $NNVC, the same theme, proper set-up ( the way I look at things), and it did exactly what you want a swing to do in my time frame; move up immediately. High sale print here was +25% the next day.


Then there was $BNTX who has a collaboration with $PFE. Same song and dance, the buy point was primo, and the stock did exactly what you want it to do.

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