About Frank

Frank is the founder and portfolio manager at Zor Capital LLC. His career started on Wall Street in 1997, in 1998 at the tender age of 20 years old he was a Series 7 stockbroker at Coleman and Company a New York Stock Exchange member firm. In 2011 Frank made the decision to become fully independent and opened up his own registered advisory firm.

Frank has been featured on CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Fox Business, CNN Money, Wall Street Journal, and the StockTwits Edge Book.

My Process

My number one priority is preservation of capital. I believe the market is healthy 2-3 times per year. I do my best to identify those healthy times and take advantage of them by trading the best stocks I can find. My process is based on market structure not on beliefs or myths of what works– or what doesn’t work. They are certain behavioral patterns that have been around for 100 years that are base on market structure, these behavioral patterns are recognizable, observable, and quantifiable. On daily basis we have 5,000 liquid stocks that we filter based on certain market structures that gives us an edge of a higher probability than a random outcome.

Once the list is narrowed to a handful of names the market will further narrow down the list by getting us in or keeping us out of these names with a range expansion move. The goal is to be in the most attractive set ups seeking superior performance with preservation of capital as our number one concern.

I will help you improve your:

  • Chart Reading Skills
  • Momentum Trading
  • Swing Trading
  • Risk Management

What You Get

  • My personal daily Watchlist
  • A rundown of the current market leaders and sector leaders
  • General Market commentary to help you with your 401k
  • Educational Videos to help you become a better trader