134 Stocks priced above $2 and with a 20-day average volume of 250k or more are up 100% or more since the 3/23/2020 bottom. If you want to know what works and what doesn’t work then study these stocks.

If you want to bust a bunch of myths about trading that you hear and read about, then study these stocks?

If you want to know the type of stocks that rebound first and the hardest after a huge correction, then study these stocks.

If you want to know the difference between the strongest stocks and the best-performing stocks, then study these stocks.

If you want to build a scan that is going to get you involved in the best-performing stocks in the SHORT-TERM then study these stocks.

If you want to read the best swing trading book in the market, then study these stocks and write your own playbook, all the information you need is right here in this list of stocks.

If you click on this LINK you will see all the stocks that are up 75% or more since the 3/23 bottom, you have 300 names, by going through them and jotting down some commonalities that they all share you can build your own personal scan so you can find future winners. You will be able to notice how stocks move and when you should be buying and when you should be avoiding them.

You can find stocks before the breakout here (managed assets) bit.ly/2FFqa6q or DIY at the trading room bit.ly/2TgOJi1

You can view over 200 shared trades including all the ones from last week here bit.ly/2umUIYG

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