My swing trading equity P&L line looks EXACTLY like every stock chart, and it has ALL the stages that you will go through as a trader; consolidation, rip higher, rug pull, grind higher. If you go through 1,000 charts, you will notice the exact same pattern; if you go through the returns of 1,000 mutual funds or hedge funds, you will see the same pattern repeat itself over and over again.

Once you start seeing the pattern for yourself and you start to accept the fact that these stages are unavoidable, you will stop falling for the trap of always getting excited about an investment after it already has made a move. You will start drooling over it during downturns and consolidation periods.

“The psychology of the investing public changes–cycling from the most blissed-out euphoria about equities to the most abject terror and then back again, always at the wrong times.”

You will NEVER be able to avoid these stages; your goal is to have them repeat themselves at higher levels each time.

This is your plan versus Reality.

Here are some of the top hits this week; $THMO $TZA $CODX $CEMI $THMO

Luck is part of the game, the entry on $THMO was not luck, but we got lucky with the exit, I was able to sell some +54% in a few minutes.

The market got ahead of itself this week.

You knew the rug pull was coming; it just got way overextended in the short term, I sold some $TZA as high as +25%

Here are some other trades; $CODX $CEMI are still open trades but got some off +10%

And of course, you can’t trade or invest in the market without your fair share of losers. There are way too many people who try to avoid the unavoidable, which is taking losses, don’t waste your time doing that, accept that losing is part of the game.

Biggest losers; $BILI $ADAP Losers $BILI failed breakout$ADAP FAILED BREAKOUT

You can find stocks before the breakout here (managed assets)  or DIY at the trading room 

You can view over 200 shared trades including all the ones from last week here 


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