Now more than ever you have to tune out the noise.  This is something I strongly suggest in bullish environments, but it’s a MUST during corrective markets.  During corrective markets you get the most emotional, confusing, bitter, angry, I told you so, and the silly prediction tweets.  At any given moment half of the stuff you write will be interpreted the way the reader wants to based on his bias, in corrective markets I can almost guarantee you that this will be the case 90% of the time.  As readers of other people’s tweets/blogs we have no idea what their positions is, the size, the risk they are taking, why they are taking the trade, are they actually taking the trade etc….We also don’t know their emotional state at any giving time which can and will affect their trading or thinking.  Did they wake up in the morning and had an argument with the wife, have they been getting hit in the market so now they want to have their purge day on the stream, etc…During these times we are all a little more emotional, combative, and many wear that on their twitter stream sleeve.  For those who are new to the game and or can’t control their emotions this is not the time to get your market information from the twitter stream. Even in markets that don’t bring out all this emotion from people you will realize or soon realize that the best day to get quality information from the stream is on Saturday’s, when the market is closed and emotions are not going rampant.
Take a look at these message volume charts, they are inversely correlated to actual price charts except for the VIX.
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