Finding Stocks Before They Breakout.
$PODD $ZGNX $SFIX $DF $MGTI1. Swings of interest if & only if they can get thru yesterday’s high. 2. Buy stops –> .10cents above yesterday’s high. 3. Stops typically b/o low or 3-day low. 4. The target is up, we are looking for 5-20% moves, 1-10 day holds.
5. Examples, see $OSTK $ROKU YDAY, see $XXII 12/27, $SEND 12/28 6. The market will either get you in or keep you out. 7. Once your buy stop is hit, everything else is pretty much out of your control, the stock will do whatever it will do. 8. The swings are part of a passive portfolio.

Miscellaneous charts $GCAP $RDFN $SSC

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