Just this past week Druckenmiller blessed us with another awesome interview, this time he sat down with Bloomberg for an hour. Earlier this year he was on Real Vision and spoke about when and how he made most of his money and how the landscape of trading has changed, you can watch that HERE.

In this recent interview, he covers all the bases.

Stan’s best years trading where during bear markets but it was achieved by trading treasuries not shorting stocks, which he believes it is not easy to do. “It’s funny because we talked about how I’ve done well in bear markets, I’d love to sit here and tell you I made it shorting stocks, it’s always very difficult in a bear market, they don’t trade with rhythm, you get these vicious rallies, you get squeezed out of shorts, people play all sorts of games, I always made in treasuries.” 

Stan also talks about a few cloud stocks that he likes and owns that he believes are in the second inning of a nine-inning game, one of them he made his largest holding last quarter.

“I was between 20-30% short the stock market the entire month of October and managed to lose a percent”.


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