The oil sector has been scorching hot; the individual oil industries are dominating Investors Business Daily TOP 20 industries.

One of the best ways to get solid trade ideas is to look at stocks that are within the Top 20 industries group. A bulk of a stock’s move comes from its sector/industry; a rising tide can lift all boats.

$AXAS is part of the Oil&Gas -U.S Exploration group, ranked number 1 by Investors Business Daily. The stock was trading sideways for about 20-days after a decent move higher last month, and it is actionable to me on the long side if it can break yesterday’s high ($2.87). In a situation like this, I would typically put a buy stop 5-cents above yesterdays high ($2.93), if the stock gets to that level my order would be executed.

As you can see in the chart above, $AXAS has been reporting decent accelerated earnings and sales growth over the last four quarters, something that is typically always required for long-term winners.

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