By now, we all know that 2021 for most people who trade individual stocks was a challenging year.

The market of stocks peaked in February.

February was when we saw all types of top signals.

Speculation was rampant; weekly options,  basketball cards, NFT’s, crypto, SPACS, YouTube videos with titles; 10 stocks that will double next week, TikTok videos telling people that all they have to do is make 8% a day to double their money in a month, etc.

They all came crashing down.

The major indices, S&P 500, NASDAQ, NASDAQ 100, moved higher all year long with some of the worst and most prolonged divergences that I’ve ever seen.

The professional bloggers will tell you to look at the indices, they printed highs all year, it was all good. But they don’t trade; they write. You can’t learn to swim by watching someone on TV swim, you have to jump in the water.

The market is constantly changing. It gets you used to a condition, and then when you finally decide to change, it pulls the rug.

Change is constant.

Have a great year.

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