Last weeks biggest % winners were; $PHAS +30% $YRD +14% , $INSG +13%.


This week’s biggest dollar GAINERS; $DXCM high print +$12, $CRTX high print +$6.35

In trading you always end up with some remorse, you sold too soon and then the stock takes off, you keep some on and the stock reverses and eats up all the open profits. This week’s sellers remorse $CALA sold too soon and the stock took off 20%,

But on the flip side, I’m glad I sold INSG when I did because it reversed a +15% move. Every trade is random and unique, one has nothing to do with the other, don’t make the mistake of having the previous trades action influence the next trade.

You can find stocks before the breakout here (managed assets) or DIY