This is a great video by legendary investor Joel Greenblatt.
Joel talks about;
    1. Diversifies with longs and shorts.
    2. What’s is the secret ingredient in investing.
    3. Top performing managers from 2000-2010, the top quartile who ended with the best record 97% of them spent at least 3 of those 10 years in the bottom half of performance. 79% spent at least 3 years at the bottom quartile of performance, 47% of those who ended up with the best record spent at least 3 of the 10 years at the bottom decile of performance.
    4. The only metric that you need for institutional inflows and outflows.
    5. Some cheap valued names.
    6. TWTR, ZNGA–Shorts
    7. The best strategy for most people.
    8. The biggest hurdle to high returns.
    9. Equal weighted > Market cap weighted index.

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