It is important to recognize themes that are playing out in the market, along with the sympathy plays. Early in the week, we recognized that the EV stocks were perking up, we were able to take advantage of them; $KCAC $VLDR $RIDE $GMHI $HCAC $HYLN $SOLO $WKHS $NETE $PLL.

It all started with KCAC, and then it was a domino effect.

Check out the trades; KCAC high print sale +10%

$VLDR high sale print +20%
$PLL high sale Print +17.8%
$SOLO was the one that got away, but the entry was spot on, high print +25%
$RIDE High sale print +15%
$HYLN still looks good, and it looks like it still has room to run, high print +13%
$WKHS was another winner
$NETE high sale print +25%
$GMHI high sale print +19%

I think it is important to note the entries on the trades above. They were WAY BEFORE the crowd took notice. In the short-term entries MATTER, you want to get involved on the first day of a possible multi-day move. You can see that on all the trades above, NEVER CHASE. By the time these stocks were trending on Twitter, they were already up big, and that allowed us to sell some to the crowd.

You can find stocks before the breakout here (managed assets) My manage assets program is open, and we are taking on new clients.

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