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29 03, 2020

This Week Was All About Going Against Conventional Wisdom

By |2020-03-29T09:48:11-04:00March 29, 2020 9:16 am|

This week was all about going against conventional wisdom. The week's best-performing stocks were the ones that were down the most up, which is typical action in almost every initial bounce after a severe correction. You can clearly see that in the best-performing stocks this past week in the Russell 3000, take a look at the weekly change and their one and three-month change. It's very simple; FIFO- first in, first out. HHHB--hardest hit, hardest bounce.  Short-term speculators should go to what is working now or what works best during the current market environment and not what conventional wisdom says. [...]

24 03, 2020

Looking For A Bounce

By |2020-03-24T16:02:25-04:00March 24, 2020 4:01 pm|

You can find stocks before the breakout here (managed assets) or DIY You can view over 100 shared trades here

22 03, 2020

Here’s What Happened This Week

By |2020-03-22T08:05:55-04:00March 22, 2020 7:46 am|

The market rout continued this week; the S&P 500 lost -14.98%, it's now down -31.67% in the last month and -28.66% year to date. $VIX +371% YTD, $TLT +17.68% YTD, $QQQ -19.71% YTD -28% FROM 52-WEEK HIGH, $SPX -28.66% YTD -32.08% FROM ITS 52-WEEK HIGH, effectively wiping out last years gains. Volatility continues, the 10-day average true range for the $SPY is $21.36, that's a 9.3% daily range, unprecedented volatility. FAANG as unit is down -22% from its 2/19/2020 high ($FB, $AAPL $AMZN $NFLX $GOOGL). Six $QQQ names are positive this year; $REGN $GILD $CTXS $JD $NFLX and $TSLA, which [...]

15 03, 2020

What A Week, We Witnessed Unprecedented Action

By |2020-03-15T19:47:43-04:00March 15, 2020 7:47 pm|

If you been following me for a while, you would know that when the market is under stress and going through a severe correction, I tend to get more active on social media, providing information that can help people navigate through the crisis. I'm not out there fear-mongering, mocking, or tooting my own horn, and like me, many continuously provide useful information and are genuinely trying to help people during stressful times. Follow me on Twitter for live updates.  I'm going to share some of their tweets here, and then we will dive into some of the extreme breadth data [...]

1 03, 2020

Breadth Was Near Washout Levels On Thursday

By |2020-03-01T17:40:47-05:00March 1, 2020 5:18 pm|

What a sell-off, the financial media said that this was the worst week since the great financial crisis, the S&P 500 was down -11.4%, at lows of Friday is was down as much as -14%. Underneath the surface, breadth was as bad as it was back in December 2018 when the S&P 500 was down -20%. But before we jump into the data here are a few things we should know; "The psychology of the investing public changes---cycling from the most blissed-out euphoria abut equities to the most abject terror and then back again, always at the wrong times." Almost [...]

26 02, 2020

What Can You Learn From Studying The Year To Date Biggest Winners

By |2020-02-26T09:09:39-05:00February 26, 2020 9:09 am|

By studying the year to date biggest winners, you can learn a lot about what works, what doesn't work, what is true, what is false, and more importantly, you can build scans based on the shared commonalities that winners have to find future winners. The video below explains how you can do it. You can find stocks before the breakout here (managed assets) or DIY You can view over 100 shared trades here

19 02, 2020

It’s Not How Hard You Get Hit

By |2020-02-19T08:33:59-05:00February 19, 2020 8:33 am|

The market continues to roll with the "punches", it seems nothing can derail it. In times like this as trader and investor the less you know, the less you hear, the better off you are.

5 02, 2020

Is Tesla’s Parabolic Move A Concern For The Overall Market

By |2021-01-30T08:59:00-05:00February 5, 2020 6:04 pm|

A couple of weeks ago, I tweeted the attached picture below. At the time is when Tesla started to move aggressively to the upside; finally, it had a blow-off move similar to the way SLV did back in 2011, BYND a year ago, $TLRY a couple of years ago, Bitcoin back in 2017, the 3-d stocks in 2014, the solar stocks back in 2007, the rare earth stocks; MCP and REE, etc. There is nothing new about this. When stocks start to go parabolic, some people lose all their logic; you begin to hear outrageous things like; They are going [...]

13 01, 2020

Last Weeks Biggest Winners

By |2020-01-13T19:10:55-05:00January 13, 2020 7:09 pm|

Last weeks biggest % winners were; $PHAS +30% $YRD +14% , $INSG +13%. CLICK TO ENLARGE. This week's biggest dollar GAINERS; $DXCM high print +$12, $CRTX high print +$6.35 In trading you always end up with some remorse, you sold too soon and then the stock takes off, you keep some on and the stock reverses and eats up all the open profits. This week's sellers remorse $CALA sold too soon and the stock took off 20%, But on the flip side, I'm glad I sold INSG when I did because it reversed a +15% move. Every trade is random [...]

5 01, 2020

My Top Three ETF Picks For 2020

By |2020-01-05T16:13:44-05:00January 5, 2020 3:10 pm|

It's not often that you get a major sector/industry or country that is down for three years in a row, the last time it happened was in  2015 when Brazil (EWZ) had a losing streak of 5 years, here is a POST I wrote about it in 2015. Today we have three ETF's that are down 3-years in a row; XOP, OIH, XES. All three ETFs are in the same sector (oil), and the chances are high that they will move together as one. “The time to buy is when blood is running in the streets.”—Baron Rothschild It feels much [...]

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