Today is one of those days where I have way too many names on my watchlist, as of right now we I don’t know which ones are going to be actionable, my job is to put the orders in (.10 cents above yesterday’s high), and the market will do the rest. One of the names on my list is $IWM, its down 5-days in a row just above its 50-day moving average and some important AVWAP. The easiest route would be for me to take an oversized position in $IWM or $TNA to get exposure without company specific risk. The assumption here is that the vast amount names on my list today has bullish implications.

There have been a few observations where the S&P600 small-cap index has been down 5-days in a row in the last three years, here is the summary;

Here are the 22 names on my list today;

To reiterate, they only become actionable IF AND ONLY IF  they can get through yesterday’s high.

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