The post BREXIT gains in the SP500 have been consolidated in a very bullish manner by most counts, while the gains in the SP500 have been muted some individual stocks have done very well. To put things in perspective, according to Bloomberg the SP500 has traded in a range of 1.5%, the smallest range since 1965.

In this light volume environment, there are a few stocks that with low floats and high short interest that look ripe for short squeezes, the type of squeezes that happen when individual stocks are running red hot.

DLTH, TWOU, CHGG, ININ, DV, CGNX, BMO (large float) are a few of the stocks that are trading near 3-month highs with small floats and high short interest ratios.  You can get the details about these stocks here.

I have an interest in going long the stocks above if and only if they go through yesterday’s high plus .10 cents.

WWW, MELI, ROST, CASY, SON, SKYW, RSYS, CY, LC, YRCW, EXAR, NSAM, YNDX, SFLY, MGT, are also of interest for swing trades. There are many different ways to narrow down this list, you can do it by focusing on the ones that have low floats, high ATR’S, low price, high price, etc.  Or you can allow the market to get you in or keep you out by just focusing on the one’s that break the previous day high by at least .10 cents.

My opinion and outlook are subject to change as new information comes in.
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