Like always, the indices only tell you half the story, the market has barely gone down, in fact, it’s only a few percent off the high, so minuscule that is not worth commenting on. However, individual stocks are telling you a different story. We had a large spike in 1-month new lows, we also had a breadth flip; 430 stocks are up +25% or more vs. 509 that are down -25% or more in the last 65-days. This is pretty amazing considering that we are barely off the highs, what it tells you is that a majority of stocks were holding up well but not really going gangbusters on the way up; low volatility on the way up and high volatility on the way down.

Here are some charts;

Breadth flip via stocks up and down 25% or more in the last 65-days.
Spikes in 1-month new lows often lead to a dead cat bounce.
When we get to 200 or more stocks down -25% or more in a month the bounce will have more sticktoitiveness.
Bottom line; I would tread carefully here. I were looking to play a bounce I would first start with the indices, then I would look for stocks that reacted great to their earnings report and try to buy those, for example; GRUB.
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