I’m a big believer that stocks move in short-term bursts. Small capitalization (small floats) stocks could easily move 5-20% in 3-5 days, possibly even more, depending on market conditions. Large capitalization stocks move in dollar terms, $5-10 at a clip.

What is swing trading, what is momentum burst? No one has a better answer than Stockbee. Very simply, it is a structural phenomenon that has existed for a long time, stocks can move in the short term without an identifiable catalyst.

$ZYNE a stock we highlighted on 11/2/17 fits the bill.

  • The stock made a 100% on 9/28 on the back of some positive phase 2 results.
  • It then traded sideways for 23-days before we flagged it.
  • After our buy-stop was triggered it went on to move 30% on no news.

They don’t all work like this, like every other strategy you are going to be wrong half the time, money management is key, and position size will make all the difference in the world.

Identifying the stock at the right time is only the first step, the most important steps are position size and management of losers and winners. But if you understand the math you can make swing trading work within a passive portfolio.

The best way to find the best short-term momentum candidates is to look at the top 300-400 best-performing stocks year to date, I explain more in the video below.


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