What is the rolling 5-day watchlist, you may be asking?

Every day before the market opens, I provide the ZorTrades Beta subscribers with my personal swing trade ideas.

These are the same ideas I trade for myself and my clients at Zor Capital. Each trade idea has a specific buy stop, sell stop, and timeframe.

Here is an example;








The rolling 5-day is my personal trading list of the last five days. Tracking the rolling 5-day watchlist is the best way to gauge the market’s health.

Last week’s biggest winner was $SOL.X (crypto). It was on the list on Friday and immediately made a +30% move.

Here is the alert and how I traded it, bought it at $17.10, and sold it at $22.04.

The individual stocks that performed the best were; 1/10/2023 $MEDP +$18 from the buy stop to the high of last week.

1/10 $AMAM +20% from buy stop to high. $AMAM was up 20% on the first day.

1/11 $LABU +21% from buy stop to high.

1/13 $ZLAB +14% from buy stop to high.

You cannot trade without having losers. We had a few; the biggest one was $DRIP -5.66%.

What I do is very simple: I provide trading ideas with specific buy points and stop points. There is nothing vague about it. It’s black and white. Zero fluff and right to the point. (Example.)

You can take advantage of this in a do-it-yourself way through ZorTrades_Beta; You can use this promo 25off to get 25% off the annual ZorTrades Beta plan.

Or you can let a pro handle it via my  Managed Assets Program.



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